The Elves' Rap is an original Barney song that was sung only in Waiting For Satan.


(Rap music)
My name's Michael and I'm (bleep)king like an elf.
Only problem is I'm all by myself.
Hi, I'm Amy and I'm an elf too.
I'm gonna (bleep) so fast 'cause there's so much to do.
(Tapping sound)
(Instrumental break)
Here comes Adam looking oh so fine.
Now's really more like Christmas time!
Look, there's Derek. He's our brand-new friend.
The gang's been teaching me how to (bleep).
My name's Luci and I'm glad we're here.
We're (bleep) the elves through all through the year.
Last comes Tina and our gang's complete.
I feel just like an elf from my head to my feet.
(Jingle Bells)